Brad Whitesell worked in radio for 7 years (as he says, “In my younger days.”) and loved it! Ever since he got his real estate license in 2015, he wanted to blend his real estate and radio experience together to provide something meaningful but entertaining as well. Hence the PEAK Dwellings podcast we are launching.


Brad holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business/Economics. This led to a career in mortgage lending. His mortgage underwriting job led to an interest in the real estate appraising field and he’s not looked back since. He has over 25 years as a Certified Residential Appraiser and 9 years as a Real Estate Agent/Broker  - and that's the short version! 

“I've always had a great desire to help others, my family, friends, and client’s happiness means the world to me so the blending of my real estate career with such a vital aspect of our society in Mental Health seems like a natural fit. I’ve learned that real estate transactions are among the most stressful activities that the average person will encounter. Yet there is practically NOTHING out there to assist consumers with the tools necessary to better cope with the process. We feel like we have a wide open topic that absolutely needs to be explored/addressed! It has me rethinking ways that I can improve my business to be a better caretaker for my clients' mental health, and I want to be at the forefront of a movement of advocacy for the average consumer. This is a real opportunity to make a difference and I couldn't be more excited!”


Brad is a North Carolina native and loves his home state. He grew up in Pinehurst, NC, the golf capital of the world and he’s lived in most of the major cities in North Carolina-Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro, Winston-Salem. “I never thought I'd wind up in the mountains but I love it! I currently reside in Hendersonville, NC with my wife, mother in-law, and 4 kids who are scattered about North Carolina at different universities. I really love working in the real estate industry and spending time with my family!.”


Brad is famous for his "Bradisms" so keep on the lookout for those across our socials! @whitesellrealeastate and