Brad Whitesell - Owner/Broker/Realtor


Whitesell Real Estate Group LLC

24 S. Oaks Circle Asheville, NC 28806

My journey to a career in Real Estate began in 1999 when I left my "cubicle" as a mortgage underwriter and obtained my residential appraiser license. After a year of training I started Whitesell Appraisal Services in 2001 in Charlotte, NC. I relocated to Asheville in 2011 and continued my appraisal business. Along the way I discovered that getting out in the field and meeting people and actually being AT the house was my favorite part of the process! In a nutshell I wanted a career in real estate AND help people along the way. Making it easier was living in Asheville. This is an absolutely fantastic area that is highly sought after by homebuyers from near and far. In 2015 I obtained my Real Estate Broker/Realtor® license to go along with my Certified Residential Appraiser designation. After a sucessful 2 1/2 year stint with Coldwell Banker I launched Whitesell Real Estate Group LLC in December, 2017.

My ability to wear two "hats" has served me well. Whether working with sellers or buyers I pride myself on informing my clients of a realistic idea of what a property is worth and what trends can be expected based on current market activity. For sellers I've helped to set a new high price level in neighborhoods that are trending upward. For buyers I've hunted a deal and helped them walk in the door with instant equity. I've also helped buyers avoid overpriced property that ultimately would not have been a wise investment for them. We all know a home is likely the biggest investment that a person will typically make in their lifetime. So why not entrust your home selling or buying experience to someone who truly knows what that home is worth?

From a customer service perspective I strive to provide timely updates at all times during a transaction. Buying and selling real estate can be a scary proposition. I NEVER want my customer to feel like they are on their own or neglected at any time. I've heard many stories of listing agents putting up a sign and the seller not hearing from them for several months. Or the buyer that has no clue what's coming up next in the buying process or wondering if that perfect house is out there but their agent is too busy to let them know about it.

In dealing with my clients and other agents I'm all about the win-win. Life is full of tough decisions and compromise and real estate is no different. I'm loyal to my clients and always thinking out of the box for solutions when things get a little bit "sideways". I want my clients to feel like their best interest has been served every step of the way. And that doesn't end with the closing. My activities for my clients after closing have included setting up a playground, hauling off trash, and selling a washer/dryer on Craigslist. My clients remain my friends and will never be forgotten!

In my spare time I teach pricing classes to new agents at Coldwell Banker King and play husband and dad to my beautiful wife, Stacey, and 4 amazing kids-Maggie, Katherine, Ethan, and Emma Clare. We are animal lovers with 2 dogs, a cat, a horse, a guinea pig, and a turtle. Overall, I'm blessed to have the opportunity to do what I do. I love real estate and helping people. And I love Asheville and the mountains of WNC! I've got it pretty darn good and I'd love to help you whether you are selling or buying a property.


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